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The Evil Dead

Rating – Rent it sometime.                                                  

I should preface this review by saying that I don’t watch very many horror movies.  They are not typically my favorite…and I’m kind of a pansy when it comes to really scary movies.  Despite this fact, every once in a while there is a horror movie that intrigues me.  This was one of those movies.  Sam Raimi’s original feature length film, made on a fairly small budget, considered one of the goriest movies ever made, banned in several areas, and has a cult following.  I saw it streaming on Netflix and decided to give it a go.

The screenplay for this movie probably looked something like the following…

…Five friends decide to go to a cabin in the woods.  Creepy things happen.  <Insert cheesy dialogue>.  They start turning into demon creatures.  Blood spurts, flows, splashes, gushes, etc.  It’s creepy.  The end.

Even with such a simple story, the movie still worked.  It simply didn’t need much of a story.  It was creepy, and bloody enough to keep your attention without one.  This movie is now three decades old and I was quite impressed with the makeup and special effects.  I mean, let’s be honest, some of the effects looked quite dated but I don’t feel that it ruined the movie, and most of the time the blood was gruesomely real enough.

As stated above the story wasn’t too in depth.  That being said, it was still there.  Five friends head to a cabin in the woods.  I can only remember Bruce Campbell’s character’s name, Ash, but he was accompanied by another male friend, his sister, his girlfriend, and another female friend.  Ash and his friend find a creepy book in the basement, and a little later stuff gets creepy.  Ash’s sister is literally attacked by the woods.  (The trees get rather aggressive and inappropriate with her.)  Soon after, one of the other friends becomes possessed and begins attacking the others, in gruesome bloody ways.  It is not long before the possessions spread, and all hell breaks loose.  Ash and friends find themselves dismembering demons, as it is the only way to kill them, as they try not to be dismembered themselves.  Its gross and somehow still makes you want to watch.

The movie is an entertaining gore fest that doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not.  Not overtly scary (by today’s standards), but had a few creepy parts, and jump scenes.  Overall I enjoyed this movie.  I bumped the second and third of the trilogy to the top of my Netflix queue because I am now intrigued.  Definitely worth renting sometime, especially if you are a fan of the horror genre.


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