Whats this about?

Hello friends and strangers.  I always thought it would be fun to review movies, so I created this site.  In no way am I a scholar on film, I just love movies.  Any kind really.  My main goal when watching a movie is that I am entertained.  Not everything is going to be Oscar worthy after all.

That being said I often times find professional critic’s reviews to be ridiculous.  They expect everything to be best picture worthy, and if it isn’t, they tear it a new one in their reviews.

So if you love movies like me and are looking for a guide on what is worth seeing, buying, renting etc. you are at the right place.  Also one of my biggest pet peeves is when people spoil movies, so you will find no major spoilers here!

Ratings: The movies I review will be given 2 ratings.  One in stars (out of 4 total).  The other in a statement on whether to see it in theaters, rent it, buy it, catch it on TV, etc.

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