Rating: Worth at least a rent                                      

In all honesty, I went into this movie with low expectations.  I saw the red band trailer and figured it was going to be a raunchy, over the top movie looking to shock for laughter.  The trailer led to it, and I figured that Seth McFarlane finally had the freedom to do things he can’t get away with on TV.  Don’t get me wrong, I think McFarlane is hilarious, but for some reason I figured even with the ridiculous MPAA breathing down his back he would try to push the envelope as much as possible.  I couldn’t have been farther off.  Was it a bit raunchy at times? Sure, but not more than any other R rated comedy that comes out.  And on top of it, McFarlane managed to come up with one of the better written stories of the summer.

If you don’t already know, the movie is about John Bennet (Mark Wahlberg) and his best friend Ted.  Ted just happens to be his talking Teddy Bear.  When John was a kid he didn’t have many friends so he wished for his Teddy bear to be able to talk.  The wish came true, and Ted was a national phenomenon.  But like any other fad in our country Ted quickly became old news, and he and John grew up.  They still live together though; I mean they are thunder buddies for life after all.  The difference now is that Ted is no longer a cute, cuddly friend, but an adult, pot smoking, inappropriate bear.  John is also dating Lori Collins (Mila Kunis) and she is a tad over the immaturity that John gets from hanging out with Ted.  The main focus of the movie is John trying to maintain his friendship with Ted, while not losing Lori.  Also there is this really creepy guy and his child who want to own Ted like a toy.  When I say creepy I mean it, this guy played the creepy part really well…a bit too well.  They play a major part in the second half of the movie, but I won’t say too much to spoil anything major.  There was ridiculousness throughout with Ted being inappropriate, John’s fascination with Flash Gordon, cocaine use, and Joel McHale as Lori’s douchey boss.  Despite the ridiculousness the story really came together.  Surprisingly well.  It even had some genuinely touching moments between many of the characters.

I thought that both Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis did a great job playing their parts.  They were funny when needed and convincingly serious when needed.  Joel McHale was good as a jerk, (you really wont like him) and as I said before Giovanni Ribisi was genuinely creepy as Donny.  McFarlane is no stranger to voice acting so playing Ted was no issue for him.  At times it sounded like his own voice (think Family Guy’s Brian) and at times a bit more like Peter Griffen.  Either way, an inappropriate talking teddy bear is pretty funny.  It also led to one of my favorite fight scenes in a long time.

Overall I thought the movie was solid.  I’ve seen better movies, but I’ve also seen way worse.  With not much coming out before July 20th (I heard there is supposed to be some big movie coming out that Friday?) I would say it’s worth heading to the theater for.  If you want to save your money it is worth at least a rent.

Have fun with it.


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